This is most commonly caused by the machine's inability to correctly translate glyph data inside a print job sent from a computer. It will cause the printer to lock up until the job is cleared from the computer's print queue. Follow the directions below on how clear the job from your queue.

1. Open the bypass tray on the right side like you are removing a paper jam, leave open
2. Unplug the network wire from the back of the copier, leave unplugged.
3. Turn the machine off by the switch under a clear plastic flap; it looks like a light switch.
4. Leave the machine off for a few minutes while completing the next few steps.
5. Go to the computer where you are trying to print from, delete any files in the printer queue.
6. Restart computer.
7. Once computer is completely back on, return to the printer.
8. Close bypass tray.
9. Turn machine on by switch under clear plastic flap.
10. Once machine is fully rebooted plug network wire back in.

If this does not resolve your issue, please request service.

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