A growing, independent, innovative, and customer-centric organization defines what customers want as they move into the networked, digital future - one source...a world of solutions. Prism is committed to being that source.

Founded in 1985, Prism is renowned for their state-of-the-art color and digital imaging technology. Prism's products are supported through a dedicated staff of document imaging consultants, technical support staff, hotline phone systems and on-site training programs.

Led by president Ken Nizolek, an industry veteran, Prism markets high-performance multifunctional/digital b&w and color copiers, b&w and color laser printers, as well as other office equipment, network service and support products. We’ve been winning over customers through its simplified approach to the office equipment business. "We are in the business of providing solutions.
Our mission is to make some very sophisticated technology work hard to help our customers process and manage their documents as efficiently as possible."

Ask Prism customers why they choose Prism for their document management needs, and you'll hear it over and over again: "because they're easy to do business with.”

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Prism Office Systems, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our products, service and employees. We will empower you to decide how we are doing. That’s the Prism Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Prism Office Systems guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with the equipment we provide or we will replace it with an identical model, or similar model with comparable features, capabilities and value. You, the customer, are the only judge of your satisfaction with your equipment. This guarantee applies to all equipment that has been continuously covered under an Prism service maintenance agreement and supply program.

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the service we provide to your equipment, and to this end, we guarantee that your office equipment will be up and running at peak productivity.

You not only have to be completely satisfied with the product, but you must also be completely satisfied with the Prism Office Systems employees that stand behind the product. Our employees are trained and committed to your satisfaction and to continuing to foster a partnership with you.

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